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Monday, March 23, 2015 11:59 PM

Mood: Busy/Overwhelmed
  Miss him 
  Watching: Teen Moon OG 

I’m so sorry I been busy with college, college practice, work and stuff :/  it will take me a lil more longer to get here and help all, because I’m focused to finish all my responsibilities that I lost before by the severe depression that I had and the sickness, “I’m focus to reborn again and self-construction”. I apologized again and 100 times to every followers of my layouts, I appreciate this; & makes me sad that I can’t help yet, but I need to fix all codes because those layouts are from 2013 maybe there is some error there :/ remember first to click all my tutorials before using my layouts. See you soon guys.
For real, letting all my follower down, makes me cry :'(

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